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Life Groups

Life Groups are the best way to stay connected outside of the four walls! We have life groups for every age group from our youth to adults, scroll down below to find the best life group for you!  

Be Free to be Fabulous

Designed to encourage and uplift women of all ages through interactive discussions in a safe virtual environment.  These sessions focus on helping women view themselves through God’s eyes, love themselves and how to love and support others. Women are encourage to let go of those things in their life that hinder their personal and spiritual growth.  Each participant will learn how to live free and become the fabulous Woman God has designed them to be.

Group Leader: Beverly Alston Smalls

Phone number: 803-447-5450

Meet: Wednesdays @ 7:00pm

Zoom ID: 773 064 3450

Pass Code: 58198

Goodbye 9 to 5

This group is a network designed for men who have a vision or a desire to leave their traditional jobs and become entrepreneurs and network with other men to grow their current business.  During these interactive sessions, the participants engage in strategies to win in the area of business and in life!

Group Leader: Jamie Henderson

Phone number: 803-318-6130

Meet: Wednesdays @ 12 pm

Zoom ID: 893 9807 7627

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Faith Walkers

This group is designed for women and incorporates two components: exercising our bodies and creating opportunities to build our spirit and mind.  These goals are accomplished through  virtual interactive discussions based on  the fundamentals of faith found in the Word of God. Each woman is empowered to become a winner in every area of life!

Group Leader: Elaine Miller

Phone number: 803-713-4134

Meet: Wednesdays @ 7:00pm

Zoom ID: 515 177 7407    

Passcode: 12345

Moms Who Win

Moms Who Win weekly virtual sessions are designed to engage, elevate and empower moms to win every day in their role not only as a mother, but as a woman created by God. These interactive, fun, supportive, informative filled with spiritual encouragement coupled with practical strategies that creates a supportive environment. Moms of all ages are encouraged that they can win in life no matter what comes their way!

Group Leader: Elder Marisette Hasan

Phone number: 803-509-1021

Meet: Wednesdays @ 7:00pm

Zoom ID: 922 888 6967

Real Man Talk: Real Men, Real Issues, Real Solutions

Men of all ages are engaged in interactive discussions on issues that impact men such as relationships, fatherhood, money, business, marriage, peer pressure and so much more.

Group Leader: Pastor Pedro Maldonado Jr.

Phone number:  803-414-3627

Meet: Wednesdays at 9pm

Zoom ID: 330 547 3635  

Passcode: 122866


Focuses on middle and high school students beginning with 6th grade through the age of 18. The scripture that empowers us is I Peter 2:9 and our goal is to love the teenagers where they are in life, empower them to reach their full potential in order for them to win at life. We will discuss topics that teenagers deal with on a daily basis in order to keep them on a positive and successful track.

Group Leaders: Ed & Gina Wilson

Phone number: Ed: 803-231-9464 Gina: 803-760-5169

Meet: 1st & 3rd Sundays each month during service

The Drop Zone

The Drop Zone is a support group for women who desire to DROP weight and live a healthier, more fulfilled life. Now is the time to take action to identify and DROP old self-defeating thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and habits that seek to destroy your health and God-given potential. Weekly sessions in the zone will promote God's way of winning over obesity, sickness, fatigue, stress and more through a growing daily relationship with Him, positive group interactions, and the application of practical knowledge and actions that will lead to success. The best way to overcome a bad habit is to DROP IT so good habits can form!

Group Leader: Tammy Austin

Phone number: 803-319-5171

Meet: Wednesdays, 8:00 - 9:00 pm

Zoom ID: 979-009-9735

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